Chinese Rug Cleaning

Chinese Rug Cleaning – the Right Way to Do It !

If you are one of those people who are always looking for new and colorful home décor items then you must be familiar with Chinese rugs. These rugs are made up of delicate designs, magnitude of colors and are somewhat hard to find. So if you have one of these rugs, consider yourself lucky and make sure it doesn’t get ruined by a coffee stain or a wine blotch.
There are three types of Chinese rugs that are extremely popular:
1.Nichols Rugs – These rugs were introduced in 1900’s and their designs were a result of the art deco period. They are made up of bright and colorful wools of various colors. Despite their ancient existence these rugs are valued even today.
2.Peking Rugs – These rugs were also introduced in 1900’s and the reason they are so popular up till now is that they are incorporated with traditional Chinese symbols. The focal point of these rugs is a large center design, which is surrounded by symmetrical patterns. If you are fond of traditional Chinese rugs, then this is the one you should have!
3.Fette Chinese Rugs – These rugs are a combination of Chinese and European designs and are made up of somewhat dulls colors. Although that does not mean that they don’t have multiple colors, just that their color dullness makes it difficult to hide stains.
If you own a Chinese rug then you must be concerned about its cleaning too. So, the next section is all about Chinese rug cleaning and will help you find out how you can keep your precious rug stain free and clean.

chinese rug

chinese rug

When Do You Need to Clean Your Chinese Rug ?

Everyone uses rugs for a particular reason; some use it solely for decoration purposes while others are more concerned about protecting their floors and keeping their house clean. This is why one should make sure that their rugs are clean and free from dust and the best way to make sure of that is by handing it over to a professional carpet cleaning service providers. This is where we enter the picture!
We are professional carpet cleaners that deal with the cleaning of all sorts of carpets and rugs. If you are looking forward to get your Chinese rug cleaned then we guarantee to provide you the best rug cleaning service.
Our Chinese rug cleaning process is one of the best of its kind. First, we inspect the rug for the nature of stains, cigarette burns and the type of rug and then based on that information settle on a cleaning process. The general process involves vacuuming, washing, rinsing and drying the rug. The washing process is different for every rug and we make sure that we select it accordingly so that the quality of the rug doesn’t suffer.
If you want your Chinese rug to keep brightening your room, we recommend you to take it to professional carpet cleaners every year. This way your rug will stay free of unseen dust particles and will make your room all the more presentable!