Mistakes Oriental Rug Owners Make and the Solution

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Mistakes Oriental Rug Owners Make and the Solution

Having an elegant, hand-crafted rug is a gratifying experience. Some
owners make mistakes in the care of those rugs. One of the most common mistakes
is assuming they can clean the hand-woven carpet by themselves, or just
cleaning the surface with a vacuum cleaner. Surface care is essential but does
not give high-quality rugs the deep cleaning that allows the charm and beauty
to be seen. 

They are diminished beneath a layer of dust and stain. A professional Oriental rug cleaning service like is critical to keeping the handmade rug design looking as vibrant as the day it was made. Processes like odor-lifting soaks cannot be replicated at home. Removal of common blemishes like liquid and food spills and pet stains is essential. 

Know the History of the Rug

Do you know if the Oriental rug in your living room is Sino-Persian or
Indo-Persian? What type is it – Kazak, Tabriz, or Kashan? Not having answers to
those questions means you miss out on the best part of hand-woven rug

Buying an imported rug is more than buying a floor covering. It is a
piece of history. The story behind every rug design is worth telling. Outside
of educational value and pure entertainment, the information about a rug has
financial implications.

An antique rug in an owner’s living room may be worth much more than
he or she thinks. It depends on where, how, and when a rug was made.
Fortunately, it is relatively simple to learn about a carpet. When the rug is
cleaned or repaired by a professional rug service, ask the technician about the
history behind it. It is quite common to do so. Learning about a carpet is
among the most common things consumers enjoy and take away from their
experience with a professional Oriental rug cleaning service. 

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Selecting an Oriental Rug Cleaning Service

When choosing an Oriental rug cleaning service for handmade rugs, you
must factor the years of experience, the projects a company has done, and
testimonials they receive. The right company takes a valued rug and begins the

Each rug is individually recognized. The year make of the carpet, and
yarn are taken into consideration. A 100 percent wool mix of silk and wool,
cotton, cotton and wool, and pure silk rugs are handled differently.

Rugs are appropriately checked for the quality of dyes, the strength
of fibers, and colorfastness. If the carpet is stained, the technician wants to
know what caused the stain and any reason for bleeding appearing on the

The Process

Taking care of Oriental rugs, especially if they are heirlooms, is a
sensitive matter that the cleaning service should take seriously. The goal is
to revive the carpet. After collecting the rug, it is cleaned in a manner that
causes no damage and restores the carpet to perfection.

A cleaning process is selected based on the factors mentioned above.
Thorough hand washing is performed on each rug. It involves multiple steps to
ensure the Oriental rug is thoroughly cleared of stains and spots. 


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