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Contemporary Rug Cleaning

Contemporary rugs are a great addition to any room; install them and they will improve the beauty. One of the simplest ways to make any room look more attractive, contemporary rugs are available in bold designs, abstract patterns and modern styles. Just lay them down, and their unique colors and innovative contrasts will appeal to every eye.

But can you maintain the great look which contemporary rugs have for always? Yes, if you take care of a few things. For starters, buy rug of superior quality only and place it over a pad. Regularly vacuum the rug, treat spills immediately and every once in a while send you rug to us!

Your rug is indeed a beautiful piece of decoration, but this is only if it is spotlessly clean and shiny. We are a professional contemporary rug cleaning company and can help you with this, but not until you contact us.

Here is a detailed look at our contemporary rug cleaning process.


We determine the material of your rug and closely examine all the fringes, knots, foundations, colors, pile and a number of other things. We also test the color of your rug, and accordingly, determine a suitable cleaning method so that it does not fade away after we are done.

Dust Removal

In almost all of the rugs that we have come across, dust and dirt particles get absorbed deep into the fibers wit time. Your regular vacuum cleaner cannot remove this, but our rug duster does this effectively. As we move it across your rug, all particles lying deep into the fibers are extracted.

Rug Washing

We have a number of rug washing processes, from which we use the most suitable ones for your contemporary rug.

Submersion Cleaning
In this method, we immerse your rug in a mild solution for some time. This removes all dust and stains.

Rotary Shampoo

If your rug cannot be treated with a submersion cleaning method, we will use a suitable shampooing product to achieve the results.

Dry Foam Shampoo

This technique is appropriate if your rug material does not offer a resistant to water or is dyed with colors that may fade away. The entire rug is cleaned with dry substances, without the use of water.


If we have treated your contemporary rug with dry shampoo, this step does not apply. With all other methods, we thoroughly rinse your rug with water so that no residues are left behind. If these are allowed to remain in the carpet, it will get discolored and attract more the dust due to the sticky nature of these particles.


This is the last step of our contemporary rug cleaning process. We dry your rug in state-of-the-art drying rooms. Warm air is blown over them so that the process is expedited. At times, the temperature of the room is also increases or humidity is dropped so that faster drying can be achieved.

So avail our contemporary rug cleaning and your rug will always maintain its beauty.