Dealing with Red Carpet Stains

Dealing with Red Carpet Stains

If you have had a red stain on your carpet, you know how difficult it is to remove. Red stains are challenging to professional carpet cleaners also. Natural and synthetic red stains are problematic. To lessen the problem, make sure to address it as soon as possible or cleaning becomes a real challenge.

After identifying the kind of carpet fiber, the first step to cleaning red carpet stains is to determine if the stain is man made, synthetic, or natural. The approach to attacking red wine stains is different than dealing with Kool-Aid stains. A professional, tailors the cleaning approach to the type of stain being dealt with.

Synthetic Stains

Kool-Aid, lipstick, colored juices, and liquid cough medicine are among the items in this category. A reducing agent is typically employed to clean synthetic carpet stains. If you try to remove the stain on your own, mix the reducer as recommended by the manufacturer specifications and apply to the stained area.

Let it stand for the appropriate amount of time. Reducing agents work best with steam and a damp cloth. An iron or wallpaper steamer can be used. Be careful not to remove the original carpet color with the stain. If you are unsure about your ability to do this, rely on a professional rug cleaner.

The reducer removes most of the stain. Stain debris left is removed with rinsing. Have realistic expectations when removing stains. Carpet fibers that have been stained for a long time or previously had other chemicals applied make cleaning more difficult.

Natural Stains

Natural juices such as cherry; tomato-based spills like ketchup and pasta sauce; and red wine are problematic organic stains. An oxidizing agent is needed to clean organic stains. Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizing agent.

Using it or other oxidizing substances requires following manufacturer specifications. As with synthetic stains, the process of applying the agent is followed by using steam and a damp cloth. Do not use excessively high heat. Heat control is another reason to ask a professional for help. An oxidizer can also remove color if not handled carefully.

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Blood Stains

Blood stains are often the cause of anxiety. The occurrence is frequently not as unfortunate as it seems. Treating blood stains as soon as possible is essential. The faster the reaction is, the more effective the removal will be.

There are numerous ways to remove blood stains from carpet. Do not use warm or hot water. Blood coagulates with heat. Cold water prevents the blood from permeating carpet fibers. Spritz the area with a mixture of grease-fighting liquid dish soap and cold water.

Moisten liberally to soak the entire stain. Blot the spot with a dry white cloth or paper towel. The blood transfers to the paper towel or cloth. Rinse with cold water. Repeating the procedure is a likely requirement. Removing blood stains from carpet takes persistence. After several attempts, the carpet should look like new. If not, enlist the help of a professional carpet cleaner.