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Flokati Rug Cleaning

Flokati rug is created from handmade processes that utilize wool. The making of this rug is an ancient process that links back to ancient Greece. Generally, the rug is wide, but it is often dyed, and so you will be able to find it in lots of different shades in the market. As already mentioned, the material of the rug is wool, which is also used for the backing. Even though a Flokati rug has its root in ancient times, it is still considered a precious piece in today’s world. As such, if you have this rug, you need to get it cleaned regularly so that it always maintains a new and fresh look. How do you this? Yes, by setting up a deal with us.

We are a reputed name in the industry that has been offering Flokati rug cleaning since a couple of years. Throughout this time, we have developed skills and made our processes extremely efficient. As such our Flokati rug cleaning services provide you with effective results, which is precisely why our clients love us so much. Just like them, even you can utilize our services, and when are done, we are sure you will be satisfied.

Our Flokati rug cleaning process is based on five steps. We conduct all of them with extreme care so that effective cleaning can be achieved, which will impress you a lot.

We inspect your rug

Unlike other Flokati rug cleaning companies, we do not immediately jump to cleaning. We first thoroughly inspect your rug and note down all stains that appear on it. We identify each of these and figure out the impact of chemicals on your rug. As per our observations, we decide suitable processes for your rug and make sure that it will not be damaged in any way.

We treat your rug with a clearing agent
In this step, we treat your rug with a special cleaning agent that will not damage the wool or fade the color. We soak the rug in this chemical for a certain amount of time until all the stains disappear.

Flokati Rug

We wash your rug

Flokati rugs with their long fibers need extra care and delicate soaps to ensure no damage occur .this step we put the rug in a soaking tab to remove all smell and heavy dirt .

We dry your rug

In this step, we dry your rug. This we carry out in state-of-the-art drying rooms where adequate temperatures are maintained. The rug is hung in these rooms and within a short time, it becomes dry.

We re-inspect your rug

The last step of our process is to carry out a re-inspection. If there is any blemish, we take care of it and ensure that you will not have any issues with the quality of our services.
So send us your precious Flokati rug, and we will cater to it right away. Try us out and you will be glad of the decision you made.