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Karastan Rug Cleaning

Karastan rug is one of the finest rugs available and is known for its supreme quality. The rug has a fine appearance, but despite being delicate, it can last for several years. Only one things is required on your part; you have to maintain the rug and get it cleaned by the pros every once in a while.

Send your rug to us and we will take care of it. After your rug has been treated with our Karastan rug cleaning, it will appear as good as new.


A Karastan rug is made of both synthetic and natural fibers. In most instances, the material used is worsted wool, which makes cleaning relatively easier. Another common material is nylon.
Generally, a nylon rug requires more frequent cleaning since it catches dust and dirt easily.


A Karastan rug is either tufted or woven. The latter of this is more durable because it locks very yarn with the backing on your rug, this increases durability. Compared to this, tufted rugs are not that durable, but they are also available at a lower price.

In some cases, the fiber of the rug is also twisted together. This makes it resistant to wear and tear, and improves the look. The tighter these twists are, the more durable the rug is.

Our Karastan rug cleaning Process
The first step of our treatment is to conduct a thorough examination of your rug. Accordingly, we determine a suitable cleaning method. These include submersion cleaning, rotary shampoo, dry foam shampoo, and absorbent cleaning pad cleaning.

Extra Protection

After your rug has been treated with a professional Karastan rug cleaning service, you can also request us to treat your rug with a stain resistant treatment. In this process, we apply an extra coating to the fibers of your rug so that it becomes easier to clean.

Please notice that this service is only required if your Karastan rug is made of nylon. If wool is the material, you do not need this since it is resistant to soil, and prevents buildup of dirt.

Caring for Your Karastan Rug

Even after getting your rug professionally treated by us, you should Act on the following suggestions if you want to maintain the fineness and delicateness of your Karastan rug.
1.When you install your rug, place a pad underneath it so that the rug does not slide around. Sliding causes the rug to wear off sooner than general which mars its appearance.
2.Rotate your rug on a periodic basis. As time passes, sunlight or traffic can cause uneven wear or the color to fade away. Occasional rotation can prevent this.
3.Vacuum your rug at least two or three times in a week so that dust and dirt is removed. If there is too much traffic on your Karastan rug, you may even need to vacuum it on a daily basis.
4.Avail a professional Karastan rug cleaning service once in a while.