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Kilim Rug Cleaning

A Kilim rug is a flat tapestry rug, which is made in Pakistan or Balkans. Featuring beautiful designs and colors, it is often used as a decorative element in many a homes. A Kilim rug is different from other sorts of rugs in the sense that the colored warps and wefts are interweaved together to form a design. This is called a flat weave. With other rugs, different colors stands are knotted with the warps and are secured in place with the wefts.

As beautiful as a Kilim rug is, its appearance can be maintained only if you get it treated with a professional Kilim rug cleaning service.

Construction of Kilim Rugs

In a Kilim rug, the warps and wefts are weaved together, which produces an absolutely flat surface. This rug has no pile. The weaves are of the tapestry type, meaning that the horizontal wefts cover the vertical warps. If the colored yarn reaches its end, it is wounded back to the boundary line to give the appearance of a vertical line, forming a slit between two areas of different colors. As such, most Kilim rugs belong to the top class of slit woven textiles.

The warp stands extend to the ends of the rug and form the fringe on the sides. The fringe is tied together so that no weave loosens up.


In most instances, the weft strands are made of wool. These are the strands, which form the design and give the rug its color. The warp strands are hidden and visible only at the edges, where they form the fringe. Usually, this material is cotton.

Kilim Rug Cleaning Process

We will clean your precious Kilim rug with the following method.
1.The first step of our Kilim rug cleaning is to clearly inspect your rug. Accordingly, we determine a suitable cleaning method.
2.In the next step, we remove soil from your rug. We use a pile lifter for this purpose and a special vacuum unit. We run these across your rug, and all dust is eliminated.
3.After dust particles have been extracted, we pre-treat your rug and fringes with a special solution so that all spots can be removed.
4.Depending on the type of your Kilim rug, we will either wash it or dry clean it. This is why an initial inspection is necessary first. Only a thorough examination of your rug can help us choose a
suitable method which will not damage your rug in anyway. In most instances, we hand wash rugs, but if they cannot withstand water, we have to opt for dry cleaning.
5.Once we are done with the washing, we rinse the rug thoroughly so that no residues are left behind.
6.A rug has to be dried properly so that it does not shrink. We use special drying rooms for this where high temperatures and low humidity levels are maintained.
Send us your Kilim rug today; let us treat it with our Kilim rug cleaning and make it look as good as new again.