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Needlepoint Rug Cleaning

There is no doubt that needlepoint rugs are extremely attractive, delicate and can brighten up any room; however, cleaning them is an entirely different story! No one likes to have stains on their rugs; it not only makes the rug look messy but spoils the image of the entire room. If you see someone spilling coffee or paint on these rugs your first instinct would be to clean it up with a wet cloth. If you’ve owned this rug for a fair amount of time then you would know that a wet cloth does not clean the rug, in fact sometimes it ends up increasing the area of the stain. This is where we enter the picture. We are professional carpet cleaners that can clean your rug and make it look as good as new!

Needlepoint Rug Cleaning Process

Here is a brief overview of the process that your needlepoint rug will go through after entering our cleaning service:
Inspection – First your rug will be thoroughly inspected for stains and other damaged spots. If any of these stains require special cleaning process, it will be recorded in the database and dealt accordingly.
Vacuuming – After the inspection the rug is vacuumed from both sides with a special equipment to remove all the dry dirt and debris. This process is continued until your needlepoint rug is dust-free and that might take from several minutes to several hours.
Dye Run – The rug is then subjected to dye run to find out whether the dye transfer will occur during the washing process or not. The washing process is further adjusted according to the result of the dye run.
Washing – The rug is then washed using the appropriate washing method. We can assure you that the washing method is in contrast with the nature of the rug. After that the rug is soaked. The soaking time is dependent on the nature of the stains. If the satins correspond to urine, vomit or smoke damage, then the soaking may stretch on to several hours.
Rinsing – The rug is then rinsed so that it can be moisture-free. After that it is hung on a movable beam where heat and air circulating fans are used to dry the rug.
Hand Grooming – The final step of the cleaning process involves hand grooming of the rug through brushing.

Now that you have had an overview of our needlepoint rug cleaning process, you know that our cleaners will tackle your rug with delicacy and extreme care.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Providers

We are professional carpet cleaning service providers who have been in the business long enough to know which type of cleaning method is suitable for a certain carpet type. We are proud to say that we have a long list of clientele who are satisfied with our services. So, the next time your needlepoint rug suffers from spilled soda, tea or food, you know where to look for reliable and professional needlepoint rug cleaning service providers!