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Persian Rug Cleaning

Professional, Effective Cleaning Processes – A Means to Keep the Beauty of Persian Rugs Intact!

Persian rugs add unparalleled charm, beauty, and colors to any room décor. Regardless of the design, size, color, style, and shape of your Persian rug, this exquisite item holds immense magnificence and elegance that are sure to add sophistication and finesse to your interior decoration. But do you have the required skills, knowledge, and expertise to maintain and clean your Persian rug on your own? Probably not. The reason being Persian rug cleaning is a task that demands a great deal of care, attention, and understanding.

Accidents are Inevitable

No matter how efficiently you care for your carpets and rugs, almost every Persian rug is susceptible to stains and spills. However, it is possible to deal with various stains with a minimum of effort. Wonder how? Well, engage professional, reliable Persian rug cleaning services as soon as you spot a stain on your valuable asset – your favorite Persian carpet.

Don’t think you need expert carpet cleaning services only because your Persian rug doesn’t have obvious stains or marks? You’d be surprised to know that it can have numerous pound of dirt within its fibers even if you vacuum your carpet on a weekly basis. In situations like these, only competent service providers can execute quality cleaning procedures to provide you with an absolutely clean, spotless, and fresh rug.


Persian Rug Care

Safe Cleaning Processes to Beautify Your Persian Rug

We, having an extensive experience of repairing and cleaning Persian rugs and carpets, have access to unique cleaning practices, tools, and methods that help us stand a class apart from other service providers. Though we rely on proven cleaning methodologies to ensure the safety of your rugs, we strive to utilize cutting-edge equipment to comply with the rapidly changing industry standards. This is how we offer consistent, superior-quality services to our clients.

Our Persian rug cleaning services include a thorough inspection of every carpet. This enables us to locate marks, stains, and dirty spots that may not be visible to naked eye. Also, this helps us gain a better understanding of the dyes and fibers used in your rug. Our cleaning methods go beyond typical surface cleaning processes. Our utilized cleaning methods and solutions don’t damage the subtle beauty and softness of your carpet.

Love your old Persian carpet and want to get it cleaned? Our dedicated staff is trained to execute the hand-cleaning process for such delicate carpets. Find it a little old-fashioned? Well, it is important to adopt a gentle Persian rug cleaning approach that doesn’t ruin your carpet’s exquisite workmanship. Furthermore, we use effective cleaning solutions that are neither harsh nor leave residues behind. We may also use a gentle deodorizer. Dry cleaning is another important step of our rug cleaning services. Once your carpet is washed and cleaned, it is carefully dried to prevent the development of mold and mildew.

Every unique rug has its own cleaning demands. Only a professional team like us can give the care and attention your carpet deserves.
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