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Has your precious old antique rug become frayed and faded?

Why not get it restored? Avail our services and our results are going to please you. We are a reputed and proficient company that offers antique rug repair and restoration services. We have the skills, knowledge, experience and technology that is used to treat your rugs and restore them to their original conditions.

What problems can we deal with?

We can deal with a variety of problems and turn your rug as good as new. Here are some of them

  • Holes, rips and tears
  • Frayed edges
  • Missing and uneven fringes
  • Moth and water damage
  • Faded color

What sort of services do we offer?

We provide all aspects of rug cleaning in including wine stains removal, pet odor, urine stains etc. we also provide oriental rug repair services such as color bleeding restoration, fringe repair, Persian binding, rug backing replacement and even tapestry care.

What are the total costs involved?

We can give you an estimate of the total costs only when we have inspected your rug. The price mainly depends on the condition of your rug, its size and the chosen treatment options. Whatever this sums out to be, we assure you that our rates are very reasonable and would suit your budget.

Why should you choose us and not any other antique rug repair and restoration company?

  • Before we try out any restoration technique on you rug, we notify you of the processes which we plan to follow. If there are any risks involved, we let you know and also provide you details on the steps we would take to minimize them. Only when you give us an approval, do we move forward with the process. Other antique rug repair and restoration services just start implementing their techniques and do not brief you about them.
  • We thoroughly inspect your rug and then determine the most suitable and efficient methods to restore it. All other companies do not make any analysis regarding the most practical processes, and just start with the easiest one. If the technique they choose is not appropriate, it would affect the quality of your rug,
  • We have a friendly and proficient team that is ever ready to help you out. We listen to your problems and then present you with the most feasible solutions. We are sure you would not be disappointed with what we recommend to you.
  • We follow the most advanced restoration processes that provide excellent results. Once we try them out on your rug, we turn it as good as new.