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Persian Binding and Fringe Repair for Oriental Rugs

Love your Oriental rugs for their unparalleled colors, subtle charm, and amazing softness? Consider them a valuable asset because you’ve invested a lot in your Oriental rug? Well, it’s time to care for this great asset to keep it clean, well-maintained, and in its optimal condition.

Persian binding and fringe repair for Oriental rugs is a task that overwhelms many individuals. In instances like these, it is always better to go for professional carpet cleaning services to capitalize on the best repairing and cleaning practices. Let’s have a closer look at how we treat your carpet to keep its newness and good looks intact:

Persian Binding for Oriental Rugs

Once you’ve purchased your Oriental rug, it is imperative to opt for Persian binding. It is equally important to hire reliable, expert service providers for this job. After all, incompetent service providers tend to damage the durability, beauty, and shape of your rugs with ineffective binding methods.

Wonder how we perform this task? We give special attention to your carpet’s edges as they signify a durable rug. In case your rug’s binding starts to loosen, you may lose the corners and sides of your carpet shortly. This can even make you pay huge amounts for Oriental rug restoration services. So make the right choice and go for expert carpet cleaning and maintenance services before your rug starts losing its charisma.

While binding your carpet, we ensure that it covers your rug’s original side string completely. We never rely on automatic machines for this purpose. The reason being the nylon yarn used in this process may be a little stronger than the Oriental rug and may tear your carpet. What’s more, machine binding may damage your rug’s unique intricacy and quality.

Fringe Repair for Oriental Rugs

The fringes of your handmade Oriental rug serve as a base that the carpet is woven on top of. Being a key element of your carpet, they need extraordinary maintenance. Excessive vacuuming and foot-traffic can have a negative impact on fringes. Your attempts to clean them with harsh bleaches can damage them permanently. Thus, it is vital to secure and strengthen these fringes in a professional manner.
As soon as you notice loose edges or damaged fringes, make use of Persian binding and fringe repair for Oriental rugs to avoid permanent damage and expensive procedures. We can even weave new fringes into your carpet. This involves immense expertise and sophisticated work as all threads of fringes are interwoven with each other. Though this complicated procedure may be a little time-consuming, the results are definitely worth the effort.

The Last Word

If you own a precious Oriental rug that you want to maintain for longer periods, bind their edges to keep them protected. Persian binding and fringe repair for Oriental rugs is a specialty that helps us stand a class apart from other service providers. Since most Oriental rugs are handmade, they require special maintenance and cleaning methods. Our dedicated, trained team relies on the best tried-and-tested practices to provide you with nothing but the best results!