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Keep That Silky Touch With Our Hand Care Process For Silk Rugs

A silk rug can beautify any room in the house and improve its appearance. Use the right colors, set the right ambiance and the area will have a very stunning look. But this is only when your silk rug appears clean and spotless. If it looks grubby or soiled, it will just seem an ugly piece of decoration. If you maintain proper silk rug care, none of this is going to happen. And how do you this? Contact a reputed company which offers silk rug care and let them treat your precious rug. You are right, there are many DIY methods, but you should try to these if you do not want the quality of your rug to spoil.
We are a reputed company and have been offering silk rug care and cleaning services since several years. We assure you that none of your processes are going to spoil your rugs, and the end result will please you. Try us out, and you would thank us later on, like so many of our customers already do.

Removing the Dust

Dust on silk rugs is moved by a special shaking machine that rotates and separates the dust from the rug’s fibers. after that 2nd phase – we remove remaining dust by hand before washing it.

Dealing with the Spots

Depends on the spot will apply a hand cleaning with organic and “silk safe ” liquids to remove pet stains and other though stains – this entire process in done only by an expert.

Handling Pet Stains

Yes, you love your pets, but the problem is they can make your rug appear very dirty. Pet stains require treatment with different removal methods because of the contaminants present. We remove the stains with appropriate techniques and cleaning agents, and then disinfect the area. We ensure that all the stains have been removed right down to the deepest level and not just the surface.

Cleaning the Rug

We then wash your rug or dry clean, whichever would produce better results. Washing is done with mild detergent and then thoroughly rinsed. The other technique is based on the use of dry compounds and usually carried out when there is a risk of color depreciation.

Deodorizing the Rug
Stains and other sort of spills can often leave a bad odor in your rug. As such, we deodorize your rug with special chemicals and ensure that it smells fresh and new.

Providing Extra Protection
If you require, we can provide you rug with extra protection. We will treat it with advanced chemicals and apply a layer of special compounds onto it. This slows down the deterioration process and makes your rug resistant to stains as well.

So if you want an expert silk rug care service, contact us at your earliest.