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We offer a complete treatment program for your precious area rug. We have a state of the art
area rug cleaning NYC facility and we have a modern humidity controlled drying room.


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So you love that rug of yours, do you? And so do we, which is why we can guarantee our work for 100%.

whether you own a fine rug or a simple one we are the right match for you with expert stain removal staff and facilities; you can appoint any company you like, but none of them can provide you with the results that we can. Why is this so?

Because their staff is neither as qualified as ours to deal with area rug cleaning NYC nor are their techniques are as advanced as the ones we use. Thus, we consider ourselves to be more preferable than them, and when you avail our area rug stain removal services, you will agree.

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Our Main Features

We offer a complete treatment program for your precious area rug. We have a state of the art area rug cleaning NYC facility and we have a modern humidity controlled drying room. Both these provide your rug with the deep level of cleaning that it requires.

We provide pick and drop services, so you do not have to spare any time from your busy schedule to drop the rug at your unit. Just give us a call; we will collect the rug, clean it thoroughly and return it you.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

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Our Cleaning Systems

We have a highly modernized cleaning unit where the latest equipment is used and the most efficient processes are utilized. We inspect your rug, and identify the stains; we also determine an appropriate cleaning method at this stage. We first treat the heavily soiled areas and remove all the deep stains.

We then give your rug a very through washing so that no stains are left behind and all dust is removed. When we are done, your rug becomes clean and absolutely spotless; there is not even a small blemish to be seen. If you require, we also offer deodorization and moth treatment services to further improve the results.

During the entire cleaning process, we ensure that your rug is not damaged and that the color does not fade. This is not so with other area rug stain removal companies. They only remove stains at the surface, and do not take any precautions to maintain the quality of the rug. As such, the colors often fade in the process, marring the appearance of the rug.

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Call Today For a Free Estimate on Your Oriental Area Rug: (212 ) 994-2709
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The Types Of Rugs We Clean

  • Tribal Rugs
  • Pakistani Rugs
  • Bokhara Rugs
  • Heriz Rugs
  • Sheepskin Rugs
  • Aubusson Carpet
  • Bakshaish Carpet
  • Kashan Rugs

Our Drying Rooms

Our controllable drying room perfectly dries your rug in the shortest of times. A very high temperature is maintained in the area with huge heat furnaces. The room features large fans and thousands of holes which circulate air continuously. Within just a few hours, your rug dries completely. This quick drying process ensures that your rug does not suffer from a faded color or warping.

So if you want your rug to be treated and all the stains removed, please contact. We would be happy to serve you, and would do it until you are completely satisfied.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are a great add-on for any home. They provide sophistication and an exotic touch to your living making your overall home feel brighter. An oriental rug placed within any vicinity has the ability to transform the place and change its feel completely.
These rugs were once only available through import from regions such as turkey, Asia, Iran, Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Nowadays, you can find them abundantly within the United Sates due to their increasing popularity. These rugs are exclusively handmade and of high quality. Once you make the decision of buying an oriental rug, you will have to keep in mind that keeping this exclusive rug clean is a must and this responsibility cannot be neglected. If neglected for any reason, your rug can wear out quicker than you realize.

Choosing the Perfect Oriental Rug

Choosing a perfect Oriental rug takes a little bit of dedication and know-how. Your rug should match well with your home and for that you need to consider what color and size your rug should be. After that you need to consider aspects such as quality of the rug, its condition, and the country of origin. Search through various dealers and ask around. There are so many different oriental rugs that you can get at different price ranges, but choose the best one that you think will match with your room or house perfectly.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Process
Like we mentioned before, if you plan to keep an oriental rug at your home, you need to ensure that it remains clean and beautiful at all times. Our Oriental rug cleaning processes are the best of the best because we make sure that we deliver quality for you along with making sure that your rugs remain in safe hands.

Our process is such that we never use soap or harmful chemicals while cleaning the rug. Our experts know and understand that most of these rugs are made out of vegetable/natural dyes which have the potential of discoloring. Harsh chemicals cause discoloration while soap has the potential to remain within the rug unless forcefully removed which can again cause discoloration.

The professionals in our team are trained specifically with respect to Oriental rug cleaning. We have the perfect cleaning solutions for a soft yet efficient cleaning process which ends with us making sure that your rugs are perfectly clean and dried out. We also make sure that your rug is completely residue and dirt free.
A once a year cleaning is recommended for all oriental rugs because they require special effort and consideration. If you see a stain on your rug, give it for cleaning immediately so that the stain does not damage your rug. Once you know and realize their true potential and value, you will never neglect them and will give them for cleaning on time.

We offer the following oriental rug services in New York City:
• Wine& oil stain removal
• Pet odor elimination
• Color restoration
• Re-fringing
Oriental rug Persian binding
• Wear & tear repair
• Full original rug restoration
• Fiber vegetable unique dyeing process
• Backhand , stretching & canvas replacement
• Area rug quality padding
• Grooming and fiber softness for wool , silk rugs

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