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Rug Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Dealing with pet accidents is difficult. It is hard to know if past accidents have taken place. Professional carpet and rug cleaners inspect all cleaning jobs prior to beginning treatment. They can spot the spots.
Simply cleaning carpets or rugs will not get rid of pet odors and stains. Even light accidents by pets can leave behind an odor that manifests itself on rainy or humid days. Eighty percent of urine ends up under carpeting or rug. Fragrance and disinfectant sprays are not permanent solutions. The odor source must be eliminated to get rid of the persistent and foul smells and stains pets can produce.

Can You Deal with Pet Stains Yourself?

Many products on the market advertise the elimination pet stains and odors. Some are quality products. Others are not very good. Professional rug and carpet cleaners should handle the job. They are familiar with the products and chemicals that will provide the highest quality of pet odor and stain removal.

Professional Pet Stain and Odor are required

Professional rug and carpet cleaners are using products that have been developed to improve cleaning. Among those being used are products and chemicals to clean up and remove pet urine odor and stains. The chemicals have to be used properly. When products are not used in a manner for which they were designed, the best that can be hoped for is partial removal of the stains or odor. Contact with the chemicals and the source must take place for the product to work. A minimum time of contact is required. Moisture has to be present during that time. The time and amount of moisture can vary. That is the reason a professional should do the job.

A single product cannot accomplish the removal of stains and odors. The stains must be neutralized, and properly addressed so that urine salt crystals gathered between the carpet and rug fibers are dissolved and removed.

Dealing with pet urine

Urine neutralization products work immediately and permanently. Strong odors are completely neutralized. Urine is not the only kind of stain or odor pets can deposit on carpets or rugs. Vomit and fecal stains and odors can be eliminated with a highly concentrated bacteria and enzyme formula. It deals with a range of carpet and rug odors. All organic related stains are removed.

The substances that cause the odor are broken down and eliminated. Permanent odor control is provided. Future deposits are deterred. Bio-enzymes are the primary ingredients used in sewage treatment plants. Biodegrading eliminates odors naturally.

How We Eliminate pet stains and odors?

Enzymes are catalysts that break down urine molecules that are under rugs and carpet, into smaller pieces. The bacteria feed on the pieces, multiply and consume the urine from the carpet, pad, and flooring. When the food expires, so does the bacteria. They are converted to carbon dioxide and water. Evaporation occurs that takes away the source of the stain and odor. Both are gone.

Oxidation and encapsulation are processes used together to fight pet urine odor. Oxygen has cleaning and purifying powers. Products are available that will bond and encapsulate odor causing substances that have been oxidized.