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4 Tips That Work Wonders for Turkish Rug Cleaning

Turkish rugs are a popular commodity owing to the fact that they bring a much needed exotic flair to houses and homes. Another reason behind their popularity is the rare quality behind the craftsmanship that Turkish rugs are wont to display.

They’re also handmade and come with different intricate patterns on them that often add to the exotic aura that a room exudes with a Turkish rug. However, despite their beauty, they can easily get worn out if you’re not careful. Turkish rugs do need some care and if you’re investing your money in them then you’d want to show them off as well. The following 3 Turkish rug cleaning tips can come in real handy for any Turkish rug owners:

Clean thoroughly and often

When you’re looking into Turkish rug cleaning, you might think that like other rugs, you can just vacuum over it and it’ll be good as new. On the other hand, that’s not very true for Turkish rugs. Make sure to vacuum both sides of the rug since this enables you to easily draw out all the grime, dirt and bugs out if it as thoroughly as possible. Unfortunately, Turkish rugs have a tendency to accumulate more than their fair share of dust that doesn’t come out very easily.


Preserving the Colors

Turkish rugs are in usually vibrant colors which can get dull when they’ve accumulated so much dirt and grime. While you might think there’s not much you can do, take a look at this Turkish rug cleaning tip. Make a cleansing soak for it. Mix three parts of cold water with one part of vinegar and mix it well together. This wash doesn’t have any harsh chemicals so you won’t have to worry about your rug losing color and vibrancy as it gets cleaned. With this all natural wash, you can even work out nasty stains since vinegar is a natural cleanser.

No Rubbing

When we’re trying to get a stain out of a carpet or any other cloth, we have a tendency to rub in circles. However, avoid doing that when you’re cleaning your Turkish carpet. This is one of the most important Turkish rug cleaning tips that you’ll come across. Rubbing can accidentally help to work the stain deeper into the rug. Also avoid wetting the entire carpet if you’re trying to get out just one stain from a particular portion. To do so, make sure to use a spray bottle so that you can effectively spray the cleaning liquid on that portion of the rug only.

Get a Professional Cleaning Done

Give your rug for a cleaning by a professional will entail that your rug stays in good condition. Often times, despite your ministrations, you might be finding that your rug is still not as vibrant or clean as it originally was. Getting the help of professionals who offer Turkish rug cleaning services will ensure that your Turkish rug is cleaned with proper care and attention and you’re unable to give because of lack of proper equipment.