Carpet Cleaning and Allergy Prevention

A home should be free of allergy triggers. There are several things people can do to achieve that goal. Vacuuming frequently in conjunction with cleaning and maintaining low levels of humidity are among the things that can be done.


One of the biggest misconceptions is allergy sufferers should eliminate carpeting. Multiple studies have shown the opposite to be true. A Swedish study showed no link between asthma and allergy attacks and carpet. When carpet usage decreased, allergy reactions had a 30 percent increase. A study, done in 2003, of New Jersey school children, found children, having carpet in their bedrooms, missed fewer days of school. Using organic carpet cleaning solutions is the best option for allergy prevention with kids .
Carpet serves as a filter that traps allergens. Eventually, carpets become dirty and need to be cleaned. Allergens are removed by using the proper cleaning techniques.

Common Allergens

House dust mites are present in every home. Dust mites are microscopic in nature. They survive off the dead skin cells of humans and become part of dust found in homes. The conditions and climate inside a home are ideal for dust mites to survive.
The allergens are mostly found in the feces of dust mites. The droppings are dry and easily break into fine particles that are dispersed into the air. Particles quickly settle into bedding, upholstery, and carpets. Settling makes removing and eradicating the allergen source difficult. Removal prevents allergic symptoms.
The second most common allergens come from animals. Animal urine, skin, and saliva trigger allergic responses. Animals shed saliva covered skin cells called dander. These allergens are also microscopic and are easily airborne. Airborne particles are inhaled, resulting in allergic conjunctivitis, rhinitis, and respiratory symptoms.

Eliminating Allergens

Vacuuming regularly with a vacuum having a good filter is important. Carpets must frequently and thoroughly be cleaned to combat allergens. The bedroom carpets are the most in need of attention. People spend approximately one-third of their time in the bedroom. It is also the location where the most dust mites collect. Here, skin cells are shed, sweat provides moisture, and the warmth allows breeding and sustainability.

Domestic steam cleaners have no effect on dust mite populations found in carpets. They increase moisture, which in turn increases the number of dust mites. The high-temperature steam cleaner used by professionals does kill the mites and stops allergy problems caused by the droppings. Have carpets cleaned once each year by a professional. Deeply embedded dirt that vacuums cannot reach is extracted.

Aggressive cleaning improves indoor air quality and reduces allergy symptoms. Professional help may be the most beneficial way to keep allergy-causing agents under control. Expert technicians have the experience and innovative technology to effectively fight allergy issues caused by dust mites. Eco-friendly materials and methods are used. A careful analysis will be made to determine the right maintenance regimen.

Carpets are beneficial for many people, including those having allergies. Before spending money to have carpet removed, remember the reasons for choosing carpet. Take the step of having carpets cleaned yearly by professionals to add extra security and comfort to the home.