Common Carpet Cleaning Methods

Common Carpet Cleaning Methods in NYC

NYC is filled with carpet cleaning companies, some are just simple technicians offering “steam cleaning “and others are true professionals.
As a owner of carpet or fine rugs we will try to make sense inside the common carpet cleaning techniques available today.

Steam Cleaning

This method is the most common among the non-professional ones.
In this method the cleaners uses a hot steam that freshness the carpet’s surface but won’t clean the carpet’s deeper levels thus the fibers remain soiled and dirty.
Usually, after a steam cleaning the carpet will look better and more vibrant but after a week will return to its former dirty look.

Deep Shampoo

This is the next level of “steam cleaning “. In this technique the machine will inject soap into the carpet’s fibers, buffer it and then vacuum / extract the hot water and soap from it. If this is done right it will clean the carpet properly but usually won’t take heavy stains out like wine or pet urine.
This method also known as “hot water extraction “.

Truck Mount Cleaning

This is same as the deep shampoo method but done from a truck mount machine rather than a portable one. The main advantage is that a truck mount machine is more powerful thus the vacuuming phase is much deeper.

Hand Wash

This process is done for fine, handmade rugs such as silk or Persian rugs that can’t be cleaned with heavy machinery that might ruined the rug’s fibers. The first step is to put the rug inside a gentle machine that slowly removes the hard soil.
The second step is to wash by hand the rug with natural soap and running water to remove the left over soil. After that phase the rug is cleaner and we can see more obviously stains and spots. If there are any stains found a stain removal process is being implemented. Next a second hand wash is done, scrubbing/massaging gently the rug’s fibers for a deeper cleaning.
The last stage is putting the rug in a controlled temperature drying room.