Fun Leisure Time Activities In New York

So you have been a New Yorker all your life, but you are looking forward to spending a fun day out, feeling like a tourist ready to explore a few of the the wondrous and iconic spots around the city. It’s a great way of decompressing after a stressful time at work, refueling and falling in love with your home city once again. Hire the expert Rug Cleaning NYC services and save precious time on your home cleaning chores – time you can spend walking down the Brooklyn Bridge, going to Coney Island or taking the High Line for some out-of-this-world sceneries.

Wondering what else you could do in New York right now and have a blast alone or together with your significant other or some friends? Read on!

Climb The Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights is an extremely photogenic NY neighborhood filled with brownstones and intriguing fruit street names such as Orange, Cranberry, and Pineapple. All these streets will introduce you into the mid-1800s spirit when a prominent resident of this land, Lady Middagh, decided to change the old street signs that sounded too “from the hood” to her. She chose the more elegant fruit tree street names we can all find here today. Another important detail worth mentioning here is the fact that she changed the street names at night, by cover of darkness. A stroll down the waterfront will take you to the gorgeous Brooklyn Promenade which is a pavement spreading along the East Rover and displaying a magical view over the skyline over the city. Get your camera ready and snap some cool photos to add to your feed on the weekends. Brooklyn Heights is a crazy photogenic spot that we know you are going to love capturing on film.

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

The Brooklyn Bridge was built in 1883 and it expands over close to 1,600 feet over the East River, bringing together the lower Manhattan area and Brooklyn Heights. The Brooklyn Bridge is also the longest suspended bridge on the planet and an undeniably iconic spot of the city. It helps transport commuter car traffic beneath and tourists above and the city skyscrapers visible in the horizon give it a sense of grandiosity that is impossible to forget.

Take A Trip Down To Coney Island

Coney Island has done a beautiful job at preserving the charm of this old beachfront town. Drenched in loads of cozy little spots where you can serve the tastiest food and drinks together with locals, Coney Island can make you feel right at home the second you will set foot on it. Coney Island is a great place for big pizza fans; if you count among them, see that you don’t leave without stopping by at Totonno’s Pizza or checking out the Coney Island Brewery for a chance to try some tasty local “treats”. You could also spend a relaxing time hanging out with the locals at the beach, having some refreshing ice cream while walking up and down the promenade. If you are interested in catching a mind-blowing ride on the Cyclone roller coaster, Coney Island is just what you are looking for.

Take The High Line Above 11th Avenue

The people who decided to rehab an abandoned freight rail on the West End of Manhattan and cleverly turn it into an elevated park back in 2009 did a good job at it. The High Line is placed 30 feet above the nonstop buzz of 11th Avenue and it introduces visitors to a mesmerizing landscape and special architecture, along with the greenery, trees, and bushes along the walkways, benches, and lounges here.

See A Movie At The Syndicated Sidewalk Cinema

The Syndicated Brooklyn Cinema is a top outdoor cinema mixed with a theater, along with a mesmerizing bar. You will watch your favorite movies on the 14-foot wide screen placed on a facade made of bricks. The great news is that you can even order your favorite food dishes and drinks, or indulge in some seasoned wings and popcorn and enjoy an authentic movie watching experience.

Watch the 5:30pm movie of the day or catch the last 8pm movie and relax having a Pink Flamingo cocktail. Hot or cold, their heated chairs placed in a covered environment will make sure you will enjoy all the comfort you need to enjoy a classic movie on a fun Saturday evening in the city.

Reach The Rock Observation Center

If you have never been to the Rockefeller Center, you could be planning a trip to the top of the skyscraper to take in the gorgeous views over the Manhattan at the Rock Observation Deck. Plan your visit here from October to April and enjoy the cool skating rink in the outdoors found at the base of the Deck.

These are just a few of the most fun leisure time activities in New York you could add to your own list. Give us a call and let us schedule a cleaning job for you while you can put your fun plans into action!