How to go with area rug repair

Who is repairing your fine area rug ?

Many of us appreciate the fine qualities of Handmade / Oriental rugs, or Tapestry that our great grandparents inherited us. Whether the rug came from Persia – Iran, or Turkey, the fine makers of the early 1920’s era in China or the needlepoint of the blooming days in France. We all want to take a good care and maintain the value of our precious rugs or tapestries. Finding the right craftsmanship and the right company to do so can be in times very hard.

The history of rug repair in the USA

During the early 70’s many rug restorers moved to the United States of America, they came by with a wide knowledge, brought to them and taught by their great grandparents and master weavers. This tradition haven’t been taught in classrooms. Those master weavers have been practicing this tradition from an early age; they have been selected into this process with great passion, and pride. Today in our modern age most of the rug cleaning and repair companies claim the same: “we are the best in what we do”, is that really true?

Experience is a must have when dealing with rugs

How would you know if you picked the right company to clean or repair your valuables? To start when choosing a rug cleaning company that also claims they know how to do repairs you need to see their portfolio and make sure it’s not another copy, or images taken or purchased from a web site that sells them. You need to research them and find out who is the real owner? Who does he employ? Does he or she, actually are doing the real work or someone else does it for them, in many cases owners will higher free lancers. Its always good to listen in the beginning when a representative comes by to evaluate the rug/s, is he knowledgeable? If he is, you will notice he is very confident about himself. People who have been in this business, (especially family business), will give you enough information about your rug, enough for you to feel this person is not an armature.

Rug cleaning the right way

When inspecting a rug that rep should tell you what is the type of rug, what’s the fiber in the foundation, Wool, Silk, Cotton, Wool and Silk, Cotton and Silk, and etc. They need to know how to evaluate the foundation of the rug, if it’s damaged, or need to be softened or it’s in need of reweaving, dyeing, or any other repair that requires the replacement of the fringes, or the binding on the sides.
In terms of cleaning, each rug can use a different cleaning based on its condition. It is obvious that one cannot wash a Silk rug in the same manner and method as he washes a Wool rug and vise versa. There are many factors in finding your authentic rug cleaner and restorer, make sure to do the proper research before trusting your rugs in any company’s hands.