Jute Rug Cleaning in NYC

Jute Rug Cleaning in NYC

Jute area rugs are excellent floor coverings for most rooms around the house, covered balconies, and porches. Given the natural woven fibers they are crafted with and their neutral colors, they make for excellent options for many household owners. Compared to other types of area rugs and carpets, jute rugs can, however, be more difficult to clean. Because of their coarse fabrics and sensible fibers prone to damage, shampooing and water immersion techniques are not recommended.

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Popular Rug Pro NYC Jute Rug Cleaning Services

These are the most common jute rug cleaning services we are required to do in the NYC area:

  • Advanced vacuuming
  • Dry cleaning
  • Spot treatments
  • Stain removal
  • Moisture extraction
  • Rug deodorization
  • Snagged edge restoration
  • Frayed tassel repairs

Our professional carpet cleaners specialize in offering safe, efficient, reliable, and affordable jute rug cleaning services. The list includes anything from thorough assessments for antique jute rugs to dry cleaning, professional vacuuming, stain and spot removal, repair and restoration, missing loop replacement, odor and moisture removal, and maintenance.

Our Jute Rug Cleaning Methodology

Since they are made of natural fibers extracted from jute plants, they are good choices for environmentally friendly households with an interest in lowering their carbon footprint. Cleaning and maintaining these rugs do not produce any pollution. Since they are also biodegradable, disposing of them at the end of their lifespan is also an eco-friendly process.

As mentioned earlier, using large amounts of water or moisture during steam cleaning is not a viable cleaning alternative for these types of area rugs. Our long expertise in the industry has allowed us to create a solid jute rug cleaning methodology.

Jute Rug Inspection

Our process starts with a detailed inspection of both sides of the rug. Most jute rugs are reversible, which means it is imperative to clean stains and deeply embedded dirt from the front and back of the rug for optimum effects.

At the end of the assessment, our jute rug cleaners in NYC will establish the degree of staining and damage and proceed to recommend the most efficient cleaning solutions with the lowest risk of damage possible.

Jute Rug Vacuuming

Any jute rug cleaning procedure begins with professional vacuuming on both sides. This helps remove deeply embedded debris and grinding dirt from the fibers. For best results and minimum damage, the beater bar is usually removed or turned off from the vacuum cleaner. This is because the friction caused by this bar can cause the fibers to be pulled up and damaged.

For best results, our experts use the low suction setting and move in all angles and directions to make sure all the dirt is sucked. Corners require more attention when vacuuming, as the suction movement could damage the binding. Our cleaners normally use the nozzle attachment here or a safer alternative such as a soft brush to thoroughly clean the rug’s edges.

Testing an Inconspicuous Surface

Prior to applying any type of jute rug cleaner, we always test the product beforehand using an inconspicuous area underneath the rug. We also closely follow the written instructions from the manufacturer or use our own know-how and experience in the area to determine which are the safest products to use.

Dry Cleaning for Jute Rugs

Our IICRC-certified jute cleaners in NYC know that drenching such a rug in water and soaking it will cause the fibers to get darker, possibly changing the entire appearance of the rug indefinitely.

Jute rugs should therefore not be installed in areas and rooms with high levels of humidity in the air, including uncovered outdoor porches, bathrooms, and kitchens. On the other hand, dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms are good locations for these rugs.

To deep clean a braided or woven jute rug, we normally rely on dry cleaning products and techniques. The list includes eco-friendly dry cleaning powder, a spray cleaner, or a dedicated fabric cleaner that is safe to use on these rugs as well as upholstery and sisal carpets.

Powder cleaners are sprinkled on the entire surface of the rug. With the help of stiff-bristled brushes, our technicians work the product into the fibers using gentle moves across the rug. The powder is then left on the rug for a specified length of time.

Spray carpet cleaners for jute carpets are directly sprayed onto the rug jute while closely following the guidelines and instructions provided by the manufacturer. Normally, these sprays should not be left on the rug for more than five minutes.

When spray cleaners are used, a blotting step follows with the help of a damp cloth. A wringing movement will help thoroughly remove any traces of the spray carpet cleaner.

Jute Area Rug Repairs and Restoration in NYC

Accidental staining, improper vacuuming techniques, pets, high levels of foot traffic and humidity in the air, or the use of incorrect cleaning methods can all wreak havoc on a jute rug. We specialize in advanced jute rug restoration and repair solutions at affordable prices.

We tackle any type of snagged edge problem using advanced tools and we also fix openings and frayed tassel issues in a seamless manner for the best results.

Get in touch with us now, let us know just what you need help with, and we can send over an expert crew to your address. We offer the most affordable jute rug dry cleaning, stain removal, deodorization, restoration and repair solutions in NYC. Call today!


Do jute rugs shrink when washed with water?

Usually, yes. It is best to avoid washing jute rugs with large amounts of water or letting them sit in rooms with high levels of moisture and humidity in the air to prevent them from suffering fabric damage and shrinkage.

Are jute rugs difficult to clean?

Jute rugs are relatively easy to clean. However, they cannot be cleaned using regular water-cleaning techniques. Our experts rely on professional vacuuming and dry cleaning using dry cleaning powers, sprays, or fabric cleaners suitable for jute rugs.

Can I use standard rug cleaners on jute rugs?

It is best to limit yourself to using dedicated fabric cleaners compatible with jute fibers to limit the risk of damage.

Can I use a vacuum cleaner on a jute rug?

Jute rugs need to be vacuumed once or twice a week by household owners for optimum results. Professional vacuuming can help expand their lifespan for longer.

Can jute rugs be steam cleaned?

No. Since they require the use of water, steam cleaners should be avoided on jute rugs.

Can jute rugs be cleaned with baking soda?

Yes. Baking soda acts like an efficient and safe to tuse dry carpet powder for eliminating dirt, moisture, and bad odors from jute rugs.